16 Jul, 2019

Strengthen Institutions, and Individuals to Guarantee Economic Prosperity of the Nation

As Nigerians at home and in the diaspora celebrate the Nation’s 55th independence anniversary, leaders at all levels have been urged to strive towards strengthening institutions of state, rather than individuals in other to guarantee economic prosperity of the country at large.

This was the theme of the message by the GMD Solalina Group, Barrister Moses Dickson Jnr. to staff and fellow countrymen, at the Group Corporate Headquarters in Yenagoa, capital of Bayelsa State of Nigeria, to mark the nation’s annual celebrations.

Barrister Dickson stressed that the reason for economic retardation of the Niger Delta, has for long been founded on failure of leadership at various levels, to deliberately fashion enduring economic blueprints, in addition to the rising penchant of political leaders to strengthen individuals at the expense of institutions of state.

Also speaking, the Group Company Secretary, Barrister Allen Jonah, noted that the Niger Delta is replete with untapped economic opportunities and that, in line with the group’s drive to create opportunities and transform lives, “enduring and sustainable partnership is always welcome in Solalina Group, since the company alone as a tree, cannot make a forest in the vast economic landscape of our region and nation”.

In wishing the country a happy independence, the GMD added that “Bayelsa State is blessed with abundant human and natural resources for which this present generation of youths, is expected to work in unison to prosper our common posterity, as the time has come for us younger people to decide our common economic destiny beyond government”.

Ag Group Head, Public Affairs.

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