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What we can do for you

Photo Lab & Cinematography

The Photo laboratory and Cinematography Division is intended to be one of the best photo studios in Bayelsa and Nigeria. With our strategic plans we see what others don’t see and will achieve what others never achieved.

Printing and Publishing

We deliver cost effective and high quality printing to our clients and prospective clients alike. With our wealth of experience personnel we are sure to put a smile on your face. Visit us today…

Media and Arts Business Division

Solalina Media and art Division delivers outdoor LED screen adverts with effective results. We have over hundred clients and professional bodies who are in partners with us.

Competition Crushing

We deliver precise strategic thinking and outdoor marketing direction that can turn your concept from vision to reality. We can help you plan all your outdoor marketing efforts!

The success of our clients is our success! We're very proud to bring to our clients the best value in outdoor advertising. We are constantly striving to bring you the most effective and up to date electronic billboard advertising solutions


Solalina Media Screens operates a flat, boss-free atmosphere, where smart, happy people thrive, with a long term goal of creating the happiest workplace in Africa.
Our team model is “pretend you’re a genius, then act like one.”

Bayelsa’s Leading full-service digital marketing agency in Nigeria with offices in Lagos, Abuja and Bayelsa. We are experts in Fast Brand Exposure marketing. Over the years we have built a reputation for excellent service and strong commitment to client’s objectives. Solalina Media Services has provided marketing opportunities to top local and Foreign brands.

  • Media Services
  • Creative Development
  • enhancing brands with punchy messages
  • driving sales skyward


Your victory is our success, and so your goals become our goals and together we can set your brand apart from its competitors.

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Get Fast, Instant & Massive Brand Exposure in One Week or Less With Out Stress Or Unfriendly Costs
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